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Bridge the Gap Between Physician’s Care and Chronic Disease Self-Management. From self-monitoring systems to the FORA Telehealth System, ForaCare provides the tools for more comprehensive patient management.

FORA Africa is an established distributor of innovative and safe healthcare products. We distribute to the South African and international healthcare markets and have trusted relationships with a wide range of clientèle.

FORA Africa is committed to improving the quality of life and focuses on continuous improvement and innovation by providing accurate and practical healthcare solutions for diabetes and hypertension care for home and professional use.


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Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems

Bluetooth Solutions

FORA TeleHealth Mobile Solution is a smart way of connecting the blood glucose meter results to the FORA TeleHealth Software via cutting-edge technologies.

ForaCare Telehealth System

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Clinical Validation Specifics

All of the ForaCare monitoring systems are clinically validated.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

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