FORA MT86 – Digital Thermometer

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Animal Series Digital Thermometer

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Safe, Fast, Accurate

Comes in cow, frog, duck, and happy dog designs, multiple designs for multiple tastes, making them ideal for use with children and the entire family.

FORA MT digital thermometers can be used in oral, rectal, and axillar sites. They come in multiple character designs, making it perfect for use with children, though it should be noted that the thermometer is not a toy. Never leave the thermometer unattended with children.

With the intuitive single-button design, measuring temperature is simple and easy.

The battery allows for up to 1,000 measurements and should last two years of regular use. Users will not need to worry about changing batteries frequently.

The measurement range is 32.0 C ~ 42.9 C with a display resolution of 0.1 C.
At too Low-temperatures it will display: Lo Degrees Celsius
At too High-temperatures it will display: Hi Degrees Celsius

The measurement accuracy is as such:
35 .5 C ~ 39.0 C: 0.1 C ;
other ranges: 0.2 C

Weight 15 kg
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Animal Head

Cow, Duck, Frog, Happy Dog


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