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FORA Active plus Wireless P30

R 899.00 incl VAT

R 899.00 incl VAT

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FORA Active plus Wireless P30

R 899.00 incl VAT

4 in stock

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Versatility Equals Accuracy

The FORA Wireless ACTIVE plus is the world’s first clinically validated hybrid blood pressure meter offering both Auscultatory and Oscillometric measurement modes. The design features a large, easy-to-read LCD display and highly intuitive controls make it easy to use. It also features our patented cardiovascular-disease detection technologies such as IRB & AVG technologies. Further supported by Bluetooth Connectivity to iFORA Apps, the FORA Wireless Active Plus is the most versatile blood pressure monitor you’ll ever own.

Bluetooth connectivity
Transfer data to our iFORA BP smartphone app and get trends, statistics and other helpful information for a more comprehensive hypertension management.

Large LCD Display
The large and clear LCD display provides a clear and easy read for patients.

Intuitive Controls
The intuitive three-button design allows for quick and easy blood pressure measurements every single time.

Date and Time Indicator
Displays the current date and time on the screen, and also records the time of all measurements for easy tracking.

Large Memory Capacity
The in-built 200 memory capacity lets you track your blood pressure variations and management journey.

Oscillometric and Auscultatory Measurement
Switch between oscillometric and auscultatory measurements options to ensure accurate results no matter the situation.

Irregular Rapid Beat Technology
Our patented IRB technology precisely detects irregular heartbeat activities, and helps you stay in control.

AVG Technology
Feel confident when you take your readings with the AVG Technology’s weighted average of 3 successive blood pressure measurements.

Keep track of your results, manage your patterns and trends over time, and even share your results with family or you healthcare provider.

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