FORA IR20b Pro – Ear Thermometer

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Ear Thermometer /w Bluetooth Functionality

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Infrared Sensing Thermometer

The FORA IR20 ear thermometer is intended for the intermittent measurement and monitoring of human body temperature from ear canal. The device is intended for use by people of all ages at home.

Clear LCD backlighting ensures temperature results can be easily seen, even in dark environments.

Fever alerts are displayed by color-coded indicators and audio beep sound. Green means the temperature is within the normal range, Red indicates a fever.

With the intuitive single-button design, using this thermometer to measure your temperature is simple and easy!

The disposable probe covers provide a more hygienic option for healthcare professionals, greatly reducing the risk of cross-infection through use.

Thanks to the 10 measurement memory capacity, users can easily track temperature variations. You can also use bluetooth to transfer data to the iFORA MP smartphone app to observeĀ the trends, statisticsĀ in your results for more comprehensive fever monitoring.

The display temperature range is 32 C to 43 C (89.6 F to 109.4 F) with a display resolution of 0.1 C / 0.1 F

Measurements accuracy:
0.2 C ( 0.4 F) for the range of 36.0 C to 39.0 C (96.8 F to 102.2 F)

0.3 C ( 0.5 F) from 34.0 C to 35.9 C (93.2 F to 96.6 F) and from 39.1 C to 42.2 C (102.4 F to 108.0 F)

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Dimensions 22 × 6.5 × 14 cm


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